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  • SideSlide is a highly advanced program launcher that goes many steps beyond all other available launchers. SideSlide includes unique features to simplify your day to day desktop experience, save you time and make you much more productive.

    Whats new in version 3.8.00:
    New and Changes:
    • Nicer automatic label formatting when adding URL shortcuts to top level domains (\'http://\', \'www.\' and \'.com\' are stripped from the label | New >> Web URL).
    • Workspace titlebar is no longer displayed using bold font, and indicates (lighter color) whether the workspace is in focus or not.
    • The Floating Toolbar (left click an empty space to quickly create different objects in the workspace) now appears slightly to the side of the mouse pointer and not directly below it.
    • Connection Proxy setting is now taken directly from Internet Explorer (\'Set Proxy\' under the Setting Dialog has been removed).
    • New \'File not found\' icons
    • Maximizing the workspace will no longer cover the Windows Taskbar area.
    • New command under the Position menu: Maximize/Restore (the menu at the top right corner of workspace).
    • The tooltip for shortcuts and containers is no longer displayed when the workspace is not in focus (use the Grab Focus option if you want to activate the workspace using the mouse w...

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